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ZX evolution software and hardware

Postby abraxxious » 04 Nov 2012, 12:19

Hi guys,

I recently purchased an Evolution ZX from Nedo and am very impressed with the quality of the hardware. However, there is almost no english documentation available and so Im completely lost!

I am wondering if there is any english speaking members of this forum that would be kind enough to help me through a couple of basics.

I have the hardware setup and can load TAP images from the installed SDCard. However I have no idea how to get scl images to work (have not tried trd yet). I also have no idea how to set up a hard disk with TRDos, nor what the GRUB service mode is used for.

If someone could answer the following (to begin with) it would be greatly appreciated:

[1] - how do I load scl and trd images?
[2] - what is the easiest way to set up a joystick interface( Im puzzled why a simple 9 pin D connection was not included as standard)?
[3] - How do I set up, format, install software on a Hard Disk?
[4] - Where I can find Evo ZX enhanced software/games?

Thanks for any help you can give,

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Postby CHRV » 04 Nov 2012, 14:27

[1]Load SCL to RAM disk:
1. "Y.Virtual drive" - set virtual drive letter
2. Select by "F.File browse" SCL file
3. Run from virtual drive
[2] http://www.nedopc.com/zxevo/zxevo_user_ ... vc_eng.pdf
Chapter "3.12.1 Using Kempston and Sinclair joysticks".
[3]It depend from HDD software.
I recomend format hdd to FAT32 and copy all needed soft to it.
Via "File browse" you can use TRD,SCL,TAP, SPG or hobeta files.
So WDC and WP is very usable utilities for explore hdd files: http://budder.narod.ru
[4] viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1162
Многое есть здесь: www.nedopc.com
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Postby mikezt » 04 Nov 2012, 14:40

I also advice to look at http://nedopc.com/zxevo/zxevo_eng.php and read some of the .pdf files there.
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Postby abraxxious » 04 Nov 2012, 16:32

Thanks for the help guys. I have now created a Kempston interface (9 pin male adapter) to allow me to plug in 9 pin joysticks/pads. I have also gotten scl and trd images to work.

Is there any advantage to using an IDE hard disk as opposed to loading everything off a large (32gb) sdcard?

Also, who is responsible for the NeoGS remakes of games? They need to do R-Type! :) It is one of the best conversions for the Spectrum, only let down by lack of music and the arcade had a great soundtrack.... :)
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Postby abraxxious » 06 Nov 2012, 09:43

Seriously?! If I can give you the R-Type Mods (Amiga format) you can integrate all the player logic etc into the game?!
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Postby abraxxious » 08 Nov 2012, 23:44

Hey there,

sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I have found the Amiga R-type game music - ripped. Unfortunately its not in MOD format. :( Its in an exotic format for a player written just for the game.

I will continue to look for an alternative archive of R-type music in mod format, will be back shortly.

Also, what other formats (if any) are supported by the NeoGS Api? Can it handle, for instance, sid or med etc?

Thanks for your help.
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Postby amigris » 09 Nov 2012, 11:32

TS-Labs wrote:Only MOD, 4 channels.

And mp3 ?
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