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Postby soviet » 27 Jun 2015, 18:19

Hi! how i can write a trd or a scl ? theres some software for the zx evolution that can do this ?, also theres any windows software that can write the images ?

Thanks :D
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Postby DimkaM » 27 Jun 2015, 21:21

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Postby zboszor » 28 Jun 2015, 12:08

I assume the real disk drive is A: as in my setup.

For formatting a floppy, switch to "EVO ProfROM" and use BetaDOS from there or the magic button menu.
In my experience, it works better than the emulated Beta in EVO DOS. You can return to ERS if you press "0" while pressing reset.

Copying to/from a TRD can happen if they are mounted in ERS. Select the drive label where you mount it in a way that it's different from the label of the real floppy drive. Otherwise the mounted TRD will hide the real floppy.
Then, use the instructions from Beta128 manual in section "8.3 Twin drive copy and backup". E.g.:
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COPY "a:FILENAME","b:FILENAME" to copy a Basic program from B: to A:.
COPY "a:FILENAME","b:FILENAME" CODE to copy a data file or machine code program.

Note that copying to a mounted full size TRD is permanent, the new contents will stay on the TRD image file on the SD card.
You can also copy between two TRD images if they are mounted on two different drive labels.

An SCL file can only be mounted on the RAM disk. The contents of the SCL is actually extracted into the RAM disk, not mounted as in the case of TRD images.
Select the Virtual disk (RAM disk) label with "Y" in ERS before mounting it. The same applies here about hiding the real drive if the drive label selected for the Virtual disk is identical to the real drive.
Copying to an SCL file mounted on the RAM disk is obviously not permanent because it uses the RAM disk. Copying between two SCL files is not possible because there is only one RAM disk.
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Postby soviet » 30 Jun 2015, 00:58

Thanks zboszor thats very helpfull.
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