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Postby Luzie » 29 Jul 2015, 01:10


sadly, I can only write and read in english.

I´m new into ZX Evo and own an Rev. C board.

Could someone please tell me, what "HDD Boot" is used for and
how I can get "HDD BOOT" to work.

I´ve connected a 4 GB IDE drive and this is correctly found by EvoProf ROM.

ZX-Evo rev C, Evo v0.56c, GLUK 6.61, EvoProf ROM v4-0.16
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Postby CHRV » 29 Jul 2015, 12:49

Hello Luzie!
So this feature only for loading iSDOS/TASiS operation system (it not compatible with FAT and have itself FAT format) from HDD.
You can read about iSDOS\TASiS hier: (use google translate to translating from russian).
Maksagor is chief of TASiS project, you can ask him direct.

Easy way to using HDD:
1) Format it to FAT32 (on PC)
2) Copy some *.trd, *.scl diskette-images files (for example from
3) Start it from "File browser" on ZXEVO

But I think - using SDcards easest way :)

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