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Postby zboszor » 17 Feb 2017, 11:32

CHRV wrote:Традиционно еще немного englichrv:
http://www.nedopc.com/zxevo/rom/evo_res ... ce_eng.pdf
Please tell me about errors :)

Challenge accepted. :)

Page 2, Requirements:

SD memory card by NeoGS (formatted FAT) - is it FAT (a.k.a. FAT16) or FAT32 or any of them?
SD memory card (integrated on PentEvo by Z-controller i/o standard) (formatted FAT) - same question as above

Page 2, red section:

What do you mean by the second part of the first sentence in ( ... )?

Second paragraph would be better written this way:
Executable files must be in HOBETA format (with a 17-bytes header) to run directly from FAT. Loading address and
the size of the executable file is checked before running. Valid loading address range is #6000...#FFFF.
Loading address and size must not exceed #FFFF. Files are not viewable (not shown???) if the address, size or
address + size is not valid. The screen is not cleared before running the executable file. Screen attributes area filled
with 0 for hiding loader (if placed in screen area).

However, screen area starts at #4000, so how can a HOBETA file be loaded to the screen area if the valid address starts at #6000?

The finishing part of the red section is better written this way:
File browser view searches for directories and files with extension TRD, SCL, FDI, TAP, $C, SPG, FNT up to
2048 entries. If the directory contains more entries then the browser shows only the first 2048.
TRD images may be loaded to RAM-disk or mounted, FDI and SCL images always loaded to RAM-disk
After flashing ROM it is recommended to reset the computer!

Control buttons:
Keyboard keys + RESET
CS - boot to ROM Basic 128.
SS - boot to ROM Basic 48.
D - start DEMO “GRASS” by PSB^Hallowen.
C - color table (SPACE or ENTER change color of border).
H - show help message on screen.
S - CMOS Setup.
0 - boot to main menu of EVO Reset Service. (Useful for resetting the "G.Reset=>" setting to the default.)
Any other button shows the help message on screen.
Pressing two or more keys starts the keyboard checking procedure.

And this is just one page. Is there a master ODT document for the English translation so I can help making it use better English?
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Postby CHRV » 22 Feb 2017, 13:20

Многое есть здесь: www.nedopc.com
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