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Postby justine » 01 Apr 2012, 19:51

Is the ZX Evo compatible with the ATM 2+ ?????

Can i flash the xbios rom on the EVO and run cp/m 2.2 as on the ATM 2+ ?????
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Postby нолька » 02 Apr 2012, 06:02

no, there's another hdd ports standart (Nemo vs ATM)
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Postby CHRV » 02 Apr 2012, 08:36

justine wrote:Is the ZX Evo compatible with the ATM 2+ ?????

Keyb controller and IDE interface not compatible with ATM2

justine wrote:Can i flash the xbios rom on the EVO and run cp/m 2.2 as on the ATM 2+ ?????

It not work on EVO. But we plan to add CP/M intoEvo in future.
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Postby Максагор » 03 Apr 2012, 03:39

It will be interesting to exanine this moment. CHRV answered absolutely correct, but theoretically xBIOS ca work on ZX-Evo besides it options of IDE HDD/CD boot. But in xBIOS don't realise working with such ZX-Evo possibilities as SD/FAT support, CMOS-Gluk or 14MHz regime. In addition RAM-disk vTR-DOS of ATM-turbo 2+ is situated in only "first" (law) megabyte (because it don'n know that RAM can be more bigger) and can't working with main part of soft us RAM higher than 128Kb, because it destroy virtual diskette in RAM. EVO-DOS for RAM-dick use memory higher then "first" Mb.

About ATM CP/M v2.2 - it used in ATM far time ago befor xBIOS was created in old MicroART ROM. We only copyed ROM of CP/M in new subj. It is not unpossible to start CP/M without using HDD on ZX-Evo (we need find "start-points" in ROM only and make presetting of memory config before), but for 100% functionality recuires to rewrite HDD-driver in CP/M ROM.
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Postby KAA » 03 Apr 2012, 11:44

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