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Postby majsta » 02 Nov 2010, 23:26

I have some questions related to memory upgrade for amiga 600. I want to build it for myself. First of all it is very hard for me to find memory dram modules in my country.
1. Is there any way to use sram memory, using something else beside EPM7032 because he dont support synchronous chips.
2. I can order some memory from farnell, can anyone tell me is there any memory i can use beside chips with 8160 in name.
3. Can i use this for example BS616LV8017EIP55 to reduce number of chips http://si.farnell.com/bsi-brilliance-se ... V8017EIP55
4. Or can you point me where to order chips i can use.
Thank you
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Postby lvd » 03 Nov 2010, 11:53

It is perfectly possible to use any RAM that fits. SRAM (static RAM, like your BS616...) is especially easier to attach.

In any case, you have to re-make PCB, schematics and CPLD firmware, so some experience (or readiness to learn) is required.
firmware for SRAM is much easier that DRAM since you do not have to obey DRAM access cycles, make refreshes etc.
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Postby majsta » 05 Nov 2010, 20:43

ok thanks i ll report you about my work.
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