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Postby justine » 05 Apr 2012, 21:33

Could someone look at my code at https://github.com/justinesmithies/js-os

It is my attempt at making a home brew OS and im enjoying learning Z80 mc on the EVO.
I know its rough and i'm constantly improving it and correcting mistakes as i find them.

The parser works ok the command test-print works ok and returns ok.

But commands date and time run ok but then the system seems to freeze and not return .

Have i killed the stack ?

Can anyone see why ???

Any help is very appreciated..

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Postby lvd » 06 Apr 2012, 08:39

justine wrote:Have i killed the stack ?
Can anyone see why ???

Aren't you using us as a debugger? :-D

Oh, I see, unfortunately there is no way to debug anything using pc crosscompiling and ts-labs conf, hehe :-D
For a classic conf, there is an emulator, there is a Z80-hosted assembler, and emulator has a debugger that understands assembler's labels.

And btw, aren't you a pirate using IAR? :-D
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